Wynnewood & Lancaster Gas Station Parcel: What Will the Future Bring?

img_6046Many of you may have noticed some recent sidewalk and curb concrete work being done on the site of the abandoned gas station and adjacent closed bank building on the parcel at the corner of Wynnewood Rd. and Lancaster Ave. According to Chris Leswing, the township’s planning director, this work was routine maintenance and not an indication of imminent development of the site.

While this is good news for the present, there is no doubt that one of the most critical development issues facing our Wynnewood community is what kind of development will ultimately take place on this key site. The existing C-1 zoning on the site would allow another gas station or a high-traffic fast food type operation, neither of which would enhance what is a gateway to our community.

Recognizing the importance of this parcel to Wynnewood and the entire Lower Merion community, Chris Leswing has been working with the WCA and the Shortridge Civic Association to develop a proactive approach to the inevitable development of this parcel.

During the past 12 months Chris has met with both civic associations to discuss realistic alternative concepts for the site. The discussions were based on the premise that the site is extremely valuable and will be developed- the only question is how. Chris suggested that both civics and the township agree on some broad concepts that could enhance the community. Chris would then take that information and forward it to the owners of the two parcels that make up the site.

The message being communicated is that the township and the civic associations want a community-enhancing project on this site and not something that will be a high traffic generating eyesore. Chris and the township will make it clear to anyone proposing development of the project that the township and the civics will support a community-enhancing project and will vigorously oppose any proposals we feel will not meet those goals.

As part of this process, both the WCA and the Shortridge civic have articulated their desires in letters to the township planning dept. Both letters are linked below:

Wynnewood & Lancaster Shortridge Letter

Wynn & Lanc lot letter to Leswing



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